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Richard Parramint

I have coached and presented to thousands of people around the world, in United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Malaysia and Australia, my life began very differently though.

I arrived into the world on the 31st May 1953. The fact I was boy was a surprise to my Mum and Dad, who were expecting a girl.  My elder brothers John and Tony were expecting a dog, so confusion all round.

Richard Parramint Positive SpeechMy interest in motor racing came at a very early age as both my brothers were huge fans of the sport.  Lotus was always my team and to this day I am still involved. 

I left school and started work on the assembly line at Lotus Cars. I was in heaven building the cars I’d loved for so many years.

After a few years at Lotus, I felt I was due a new challenge.  I became a Salesman for a Norfolk based office equipment company. I very quickly realised that "people buy from people they like", a philosophy I continue to share on my courses today.

In 1987, I started my own office equipment company.  During this time I learned a vast amount about business life, the successes, disappointments, challenges and excitement.  It was an invaluable period of my life that continues to serve me well with the ongoing success of Positive Speech.

It was during this time in the office equipment business that it became obvious to me that I needed to improve my communication skills. Communicating effectively is not only a huge asset to any business, but also, to our future prospects as individuals.  Therefore, I joined an organisation called Toastmasters International.

After winning numerous awards through Toastmasters and with the publicity that preceded, several of my existing customers asked me to help them in giving their staff guidance to improve their communication skills. I condensed all I had learned into a course, this proved to be very successful and began to take over my office equipment business. In 1997 Positive Speech was born. My aim is to provide businesses and/or individuals with the confidence to improve their Presentation and Communication skills.

In between all of this, I married Julie, my wife of almost 40 years, and we have two wonderful children, Rebecca and Jonathan.

“My first meeting with Richard put my mind at rest, he is very positive and up-beat and told me with such conviction that I could do it, and I did, and have gone on to give numerous presentations with Richard’s advice firmly implanted in my mind”. Ron McDonald, Antech Calibration Services