Richard ParramintTHE FIVE SESSION COURSERichard Parramint

The Five Session Course shows what can be achieved with preparation.  It looks at all aspects of presenting with confidence, everything from the construction of a speech, through to the delivery.  Each delegate will prepare and deliver three 7-minute presentations over the five sessions;

Breaking The Ice

A speech that introduces you and covers a subject of your own choosing, thus breaking the ice with your audience.

Show What You Mean

A speech that involves the use of body language and how it can enhance your presentation.

Make It Persuasive

A presentation that aims to persuade your audience into your way of thinking.

Each presentation will be evaluated by another member of the group (a good way of learning evaluation skills).  Followed by my evaluation.  The course is very interactive but above all, it’s fun. People learn more in moments of enjoyment.

Other topics covered within the five sessions: -
  • The power of the subconscious mind and making it work for you

  • Body language and how an audience can tell whether you believe in what you're saying

  • The importance of eye contact

  • Vocal variety

  • Listening skills

  • Vocalised pauses (errs and uhms) plus other ‘favourite’ phrases

  • Habits we have that could distract

  • The use of visual aids, whether they improve or distract from your presentation

“Thank you for the Presentation skills course you provided for us.  It was a valuable and enjoyable exercise, and everyone benefited.  Indeed, it has left quite a gap in our lives.  I’m sure we will see positive and tangible results at our next conference or training event”. Eileen Skinner, Cambridge Health Plan

“If I had to sum up Richard’s courses I think they hit the spot. We place enormous emphasis on training at Virgin.  We work with companies and individuals who provide a professional service, Positive Speech is one of those companies” Virgin One

Reading through the evaluation sheets this morning has been a pleasure – all the delegates comment on what a great success and opportunity it was to be part of the course and how it has given them more confidence, also your name appears on lots of them saying how great your were and how they couldn’t have done the filming without you. Janette Brown,  City College Norwich