Richard ParramintMASTER OF CEREMONIESRichard Parramint

The role of a Master of Ceremonies is to make your audience feel at ease, to bring an air of confidence and a smile, and to avoid the occasional bread roll (see picture), no one likes a dull host!

I like to establish a contact with the event organiser well in advance of the day so we both understand what is to be achieved from the event. If necessary, I’ll offer advice to nervous speakers should it be an awards type event.

"On behalf of Lotus, Ltd. I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did as emcee of our 26th annual Lotus Owners Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas. It was a pleasure working with a professional and the results showed. The pace and timing you set for the two banquet presentations and tech talks left our members satisfied and wanting for more rather than looking at their watches as so often happens during these types of events. It was obvious you had done your homework prior to LOG as each introduction was handled with a natural ease which could only come from personal interaction with our people. Adding your natural sense of humour, together with your preparation, provided entertaining banter between you and our member/presenters and I'm sure left the audience feeling as if you were old friends with them. Once again, congratulations on a job well done and we very much look forward to using your services in the future". David Nagler, President, Lotus, Ltd .  USA

"I want to thank you personally for acting as our Master of Ceremonies at our 31st annual Lotus Gathering in Las Vegas.  Your professionalism, combined with humour only you can provide, added a special touch to our event."  "Your ability to speak off the cuff and auction off expensive watches is uncanny.  We look forward to seeing you next year." Eric Nordstrom. President, Lotus Ltd. USA

"I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on hosting our event here last week." George W. Barber Jnr. - Barber Motorsports Museum. Birmingham, Alabama. USA