Richard ParramintONE DAY COURSERichard Parramint

Positive and constructive evaluation is the main stay of the day. Confidence through Presentation is very interactive and above all, fun.


Confidence is first on the agenda. Our past does not equal our future. The subconscious mind is very powerful and cannot separate truth from lies, which can affect our confidence. We will be creating an awareness of the information we feed our subconscious.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When we meet another individual for the first time, an opinion of us is formed within the first 30 seconds. We will look at the importance of that first impression.


What makes a good/bad presentation, either one on one, or to an audience. The positives and negatives of vocalised pauses, repeated sayings/phrases, eye contact, body language, speech construction, use of visual aids, plus much more.


We will undertake an exercise to ensure you are never lost for words.  This section is interactive, with each delegate giving a mini presentation (two minutes) on a subject of their choosing. I will give each delegate an evaluation noting positive points, and points for improvement.


How well do we listen? Our listening skills are a very important part of communication skills.  After all, we were given two ears and one mouth.


Delivering a presentation. Each delegate will be given a period of time to prepare a seven minute presentation (topic of their own choice) to present to myself and your fellow delegates. Each speech is then evaluated by a fellow delegate. I will then follow up, giving an overview of each delegate’s presentation.

This day is very interactive, delegates are given the opportunity to ask questions and offer comments relating to their experiences throughout.

Some of Salford's officers took a day's course with Richard Parramint and - eureka!  We not only had a thoroughly enjoyable day but found out more about each other than we had ever known before, we had fantastic feedback from all who attended.  More importantly we learned how to speak in public with confidence.  This was definitely a day well spent!" Christine Southern, Salford Council